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Behind the brand

hey there, it’s nice to meet you - i’m brandi

After suffering from hormonal cystic acne following the birth of my third child I knew I needed to heal my skin without prescriptions. However, I was limited on options since I was nursing. After researching skincare product ingredients to find a solution for my acne, I stumbled upon  learning what an esthetician was. During a difficult time in my marriage and after being a stay at home mom for nine years I realized I needed a way to financially provide for myself and my three children. Immediately, I knew I was fascinated by the beauty industry and began my journey into an esthetics career. I knew my background as a Human Resources Coordinator for a large recruiting firm, as well as my experience in nonprofits, would help me establish a successful business where I could truly help others. 

I opened Lux Skin Lab in October 2018 with a mission to heal clients skin and enhance their confidence and overall well-being through the art and science of esthetics. In the midst of the Covid19 pandemic I was selected to participate in the newly created HydraFacial Connect Masters certification program and successfully graduated with thirteen other women as the first graduating class. This achievement led my solo business to soar and in the summer of 2021 after six months of renovations I opened a brick and mortar medspa expanding my business offerings and hiring a small team.

Through the years, other female business owners in the beauty industry would reach out for advice, and I discovered my passion for mentoring, training and sharing the beauty business best kept secrets! Today, I’ve turned my expertise in this industry into educational courses, resources, and one one mentorship to help as many women as possible build profitable businesses they love as much as I do mine!

I strongly believe in continuing education and staying current on new products and treatments, and training colleagues within the skincare industry. Although not actively working on clients in the treatment room, I stay up to date on the beauty industry standards and the ever changing beauty industry. 

Thoughtfully helping you Launch the business of your dreams with strategy, purpose, and systems since 2023

Every Great Business begins from an idea

Gain the confidence, clarity & vision

You need to launch the profitable and successful beauty business of your dreams. I know going all in on your dreams is a scary thought, but I also know if you have it in your heart to be your own boss and become a solo esthetician you already have everything within you to build the business of your dreams. You just need a solid plan to get you started and Virtue Aesthetic Collective is here to help you every step of the way!

Brandi Conedera
She is an unstoppable force

A Few Facts

You need solid consistent mentorship from someone’s who been there, done that

I equip estheticians with a blueprint, effective systems and tools to go solo

the secret to six figures is in specialization. Become an expert in your craft.

Brandi Conedera


Things I love the Most

Sparkling rosé, a good book, retail therapy


Favorite Food

Sushi, Seafood, Asian… in that order.


My Guilty Pleasure

Candy! All the fruity, chewy candy.


what I do for fun

Spend my free time with other business babes who have founded companies they are passionate about.

I Value


High Moral Standards

Vision & Action


Strategic Planning

Are you ready?

My passion lies in helping ambitious estheticians visualize their dreams, embrace their brilliance, launch their businesses and be a guiding light throughout their journey so their dreams of creating and maintaining a profitable and successful solo esthetician business come to fruition. 

business tools I love

Trello Board
Project Management
Social Scheduling
Email Marketing