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Solo from Scratch!

are you ready to launch your solo esthetics biz?

My most popular and easy to digest start up guide Solo From Scratch teaches you How To Quickly launch Your Solo Esthetics Biz from scratch and build a loyal clientele through proven processes and systems.

Going solo with us doesn’t mean you’re doing it alone! We are here to support you and your business.

You’ll Learn

Shifting your mindset from employee to CEO so you can start creating your dream business and life

How to register your LLC and what you need to keep your business protected

Build a business plan for your business and strategic planning to attract your ideal clients


I remember starting my business and feeling so incredibly overwhelmed. After the initial thrill of starting your business, you realize you’re only human. We weren’t meant to do all. the. things. Learn to craft strategic processes that will create the sustainable, profitable business of your dreams.

You’re working like an employee, but being compensated like a 1099 contractor. 

You want to go from struggling, overworked, overwhelmed, and broke to a beauty biz owner with the mindset, strategies and practices of a successful and profitable esthetic practice. 

You’re trying to juggle work life and home life and not getting support from your boss or spa owner. You hate having to ask for time off approval and need the flexibility of scheduling your workday.